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Apr Sun 18, 2021
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Engine Overhaul and Repair Services for JT8D and PT6A Series

Turbine Engine Solutions assures you that once you have an engine removal, we will commit to manage your engine work scope through our shop from start to finish, saving you down time and money. Whether your needs are from performing a Borescope, on wing hot section to a full-blown engine overhaul, we can assist you. Our capabilities allow us to work on any variant of the JT8D series such as a JT8D-9A, JT8D-15, JT8D-17, JT8D-217 and JT8D-219, or any variant of PT6A series, such as a PT6A-21, PT6A-28, PT6A-34, PT6A-65 and PT6A-114, regardless of what model engine you have, we can support all your needs.

With Turbine Engine Solutions' large stock of inventory and low overhead cost, we can save you on replacement material and parts without huge markups seen throughout the industry. Our team will evaluate the reason for removal, generate work instructions, review engine records, evaluate findings and suggest the most economical repair for your operation without affecting the quality and integrity of your engine. Our expert team knows what it takes to generate a superior on time product and at the same time be cost effective.

Some of the services Turbine Engine Solutions, provides:

Pratt and Whitney JT8D Series:
Heavy Maintenance, including Repairs, Overhaul, Hot Section Inspections, Performance Test Cell Verification , Return from Lease Recertification, Corrosion Inspection, Service Bulletin or Airworthiness Directive Compliance, FOD Repairs, Fan Changes, Gearbox Replacement and repairs. Additional capabilities are on wing Hot Section, Borescope Inspections, Fuel Nozzle Repair and Overhaul, Accessory Repair and Overhaul

Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A Series:
Repairs, Overhaul, Hot Section Inspections, Power Section Repairs, AGB (Accessory Gear Box) repairs, Performance Test Cell Verification, Service Bulletin or Airworthiness Directive Compliance, FOD Repairs, Failure/Trend Analysis, Additional capabilities are On Wing Hot Section Inspections, Borescope Inspections, Sudden Stoppage, Fuel Nozzle Repair and Overhaul, Bleed Valve Overhaul also Accessory Repair and Overhaul.

CFM International:
CFM56 Fuel Nozzle Assembly, Component Maintenance Flow and Bench Checks, Minor Repairs and Overhaul of Fuel Nozzle Assemblies for the following part numbers:
PARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION: 6810184M10, 6810184M30, 6810184M33, 6810184M36, 6810184M37, 6840023M1, 6840023M2, 6840023M3, 6840023M7, 6840023M8, 6840023M9, 6840023M10, 6840023E14, 6840023E15, 6840023E16, 6840023E17, 6840023E18
GENERAL ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT ENGINES: 9321M92G10, 9321M92G30, 9321M92G33, 9321M92G36, 9321M92G37, 1317M47G01, 1317M47G02, 1317M47G03, 1317M47G07, 1317M47G08, 1317M47G09, 1317M47G10, 1317M47G14, 1317M47G15, 1317M47G16, 1317M47G17, 1317M47G18